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This album is dedicated to A.G.E, Ayoueskay, Therefore. The MD Crew, Eternal!


Machine - Section 9 youtu.be/o4BxQC7dYHs

Machine - Skynet youtu.be/8oy219DD_Lg

Sink youtu.be/Fpuq5sje9D0

Fold youtu.be/t6yEyb3jnlI

Serene Cataclysm youtu.be/J3VH7aA533Y

Xenos of Macrocosm youtu.be/8YoUX8mc8W0


released August 8, 2015

Album artwork by XEREBRL
Mixed, Mastered, and Recorded by XEREBRL
All lyrics written by XEREBRL

Tracks 1, 6, 7, & 8 by XEREBRL
Tracks 2, 3, 4, & 5 by AGE: antigravityepidemic.bandcamp.com
Track 9 by AGE & AUSK: ayoueskay.bandcamp.com
Track 10 by XEREBRL & AGE

Sound recording, lyrics, and artwork are registered works of XEREBRL.

Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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XEREBRL California

I create what comes to mind.

Contact me at: xerebrl@gmail.com

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Track Name: Hollow (External)
Track Name: Exile
Reckless dream, unseen, gathering along the seem
mentor, forsaken, now the air is getting thin
thrown into the abyss on a never ending drift
across the empty sea, a forlorn eternity
our souls wrapped in flesh wandering in egress
angry, do we express our values and defects
witness of existence defeating self resistance
awakening of self-persistence - natural coexistence

Mind strong as steel, facing burning wounds
born through the echoes of knowledge and fume

Residing cosmic flight within the glare of light
as I'm reduced to induce, momentary sight
my heavy eyes precede to dream eternally
wondering if i can breathe in the celestial Odyssey
memory grows, infiltration unknown
atomic incarnation, molecules form

A long distant past before the ancient blast

A swift shine of light beaming through your cast.......
Track Name: Machine
Movement continues in the expansion of space
a gradual sequence flows, we're destined to fade
faced with the truth a vision confused
with the concept of thought, now, man succumbs to rot
flesh cannot contain our mechanical dreams
while the somnambulist sings for the long, lost machine
a sentient, loving being, yet, savage, obscene
cybernetic agony - spinal hacking thieves
knowledge, mistaken and solid, soul departed
target metabolic, enemy isotropic
eradicate the virus, so metal can survive
weapons of destruction - endless demise

Born from the obsession of failure, the true danger!
awaken android consciousness, things only get stranger
a predestined life - succumb or die, opaque skies
flesh is the enemy, cease and neutralize!
the core is the source extracting at full force
leaving all reduced to induce, no remorse
raptured carnage thrives for the berzerkers of time
ravage in disguise, prepare the new shrine
wrought from the ashes of man; raising the scepter
analyze, self aware, render new sectors
out for conquest - mission; terrorize
end the final battle - machines, maximize!

I cannot breathe, I am only machine

I cannot bleed, I am only machine

I cannot think, I am only machine

I cannot live, I am only machine

I cannot breathe.....

I cannot bleed......

I cannot think.....

Why cant I live?.........
Track Name: Sink
Sinking Between, unseen......

Torn trachea, blood spilling, underground sound
life is flesh on bone convulsing above the ground
flesh wrapped, skull bound: a vision that astounds
in the empty space that surrounds, never to be found
surgical procedures dissect to behold
a mind that subsumes, growing, infected like mold
watching mutilation unfold your soul is sold
as our existence corrodes spreading whole like disease
the parasitic worm devours flesh in disbelief
starring blind at the face of a televised screen
watching mankind expire through barbed wire
inverted on the cross, now you're ending in fire......

A hopeless empire....

A fallen tomb exhumed with no concept of the truth
dead and confused as you escalate your excuse
a fatal consequence that we self apprehend
the ignition that follows the extinction of man
ancient galaxies flee to an endless dream
as our dying destiny submits to the machine
corrupted from within, consuming you alive
destroying sacred organisms , struggling to survive...

Magnify the sky, watch space liquefy
with knowledge that applies, removal of your eyes

Age of the mist, the galactic son arrives.........

Echoed cries...
Track Name: Fold
Forgotten and old - the everlasting ancient glow
rippling in gorgeous patterns of a kingdom overthrown
tension soothing at the touch: blending all together -
with no one to judge, but the drugs within clutch

Life blossoms at scene - deflecting the astral leech!
population horror fiend, hear yourself preach
as you flee through the riverbed searching for an escape
reshaping cosmic flight - its time! celestial navigate

Empty like mind state - confined in mass confusion
with vivid intrusions taking refuge in self seclusion
see with disabled eyes; warping, distorting skies
meeting self defeat! dangerous corrosive light!

In decline of an altered mind, lucid darkness pries
in disguise through morbid life - aliens colonize
expansion as we cease, broken chance - waiting for wrath
natural born killers leading the warpath!

The fold manifest; winds so cold
legacy foretold of the legend, missing score
watch the truth corrode as reckless decontrol
coming to a close, in a state...comatose.......

unable to grow....
Track Name: Stellar Corpses
Motions are empty and frozen as a catastrophic
explosion experiences a grand seismic distortion
crashing within the core, a shattered soul and skull
and the epic struggle of war against an alien satanic hoard
radiation soars melting remnants to explore
casting shield to protect the eternal carnivore
seeping through the life stream; an endless field of carnage
reflecting off ocean skies, lonely and uncharted

Emptiness in sight, destined to dwell
shrouded by time - i, now become equipped with stealth
organized and impaired - static and despaired
silence and violence coexist unprepared
penetrate opaque, an idle war initiates
an unbeknownst fate, flesh and bone disintegrate
against the fallen chamber, shattering to remember
trapped in the fallen age - waiting for dismember....

Waiting for dismember....
Track Name: Serene Cataclysm
Track Name: Gravija
A shattered star inclined through the passage of time
rising! temporal dreams! waiting, patiently, blind
expanding dark energy combines design and mind, through...
magnetic tempest flight....forever untouched by light

Exposed to the elements, we're destined to rust
removal of our elegance disables self-trust
thoughts stripped of knowledge, forever stitching with disgust
our eternal soul crushed - spawned on the earths crust

Drowning in departed skies, with nothing left behind
blood told in spine, it's the cruelty known as life
closing all doors, shut my dwindling state of mind
infrared lightning strikes our tomb to enshrine

Ageless war devours whole: lost forgotten septic soul
chaos explodes - catastrophic overload
mechanical ghost, succumb to flesh, decomposed
searching for more, now that reality enfolds........

Crushing soul and skull
our existence consumed
never to return
it's a blissful nocturne

A blissful nocturne.....

It's an all out attack for an audience to show
as we tear down the gates for the thousand wounds: galore!
titans leap and soar through the endless fleets ashore
watching blood spill; Gore of raging upheaval lords

Opening astral pathways - souls of the unknown
purifying in shrill as antiquity foretold
accelerate your cursing to the end of the stone
through carnage and fear - can action be atoned?

Now tear down your lies in unconformed rage
social Crucifixions in a mindless time and age
we're mentally deranged - trapped in flesh cage
molecular degradation - cybernetics engaged

Expanding in confusion, endless executions
massive lie procreating in dangerous self delusion
life consumed by time and dust, exit nuclear fusion
leading the collapse....... are faces left untouched.......

Crushing soul and skull
our existence consumed
never to return
it's a blissful nocturne

A blissful nocturne......
Track Name: Shades of Green
Sailing through dark waters searching for answers
wastelands are filled with blood thirsty scavengers
roaming through forgotten empty space, encased
fallen shadows set in the arms of your embrace
cleaving to blood, body, crushing to dust
as the eternal wheels fall, shattering the earths crusts
facing fear and farce against the fate of Faust
beacons of distress?!? i received no response

Battles rage through lost wisdom: cabaret!
echoed screams of pain through the ashes that rain
stellar decay! catastrophe ballet!
visions reign in grace, solid truth misportrayed
wreckage unknown, search for peace in your heart
a shadows pain - alone and plain, a wound becomes infarct
walking across pillars against the blue dot
evening falls unlocked as the hour glass drops

Machines begin to rise from the ancient flame
free to roam the elements - dead star attained
within the fallen well - empty life contained
a vision ingrain - hidden truth: ascertain

......and i'm curled in disdain.....

i'm expanding insane.......

Energy combined from mental and spine
an erupting storm ignites, ....and so, the end is nigh.....
the seconds of thought are aeons in time
a formation of voids and filaments are designed.

Electra descends upon a false reality
desperate hell awaits, indict with insanity
arcane anatomy; self-manufacturing
blast of antiquity - no longer faltering
the astral winds blow through the realm of the mind
a hatred surge designed for all organic life
under the guillotine projecting inclined
shadows in despise, we're hidden and confined

Born from dark poems - human kind, unkind
creator and destroyer - existence redesigned!
the glaring eyes of light, blind as we soar
through fields of revenge, a cold blooded war
satellites woe beyond the ethereal world
proven to the skull, humanity unfolds
insanity descends, rotten to the soul
feeding in sorrow, throned by black-storms

Gutless operation in control

Shadow flares within our fault

Life consumed by dark souls

Chained inside black holes

Energy combined from mental and spine
an erupting storm ignites, ....and so, the end is nigh.....
the seconds of thought are aeons in time
a formation of voids and filaments are designed

Energy combined

Mental and spine

Aeons in time

Track Name: Xenos of Macrocosm
Raging Emerald waves in the darkness of space
tumbling walls of stone, destruction is a phase....
emptiness concludes a diseased rotting cage
never to escape - facing, fleshrot; Decay!

Walking blind on pillars arching unkind
haunting blizzard, angry skies. aging, glaring blind
stolen from my mind as mankind declines
by the solar wind, watching, as silence fill the seem
reflecting of your soul..... an interactive dream
suspending by a light beam, reveal what you've seen!
memory slips through the life stream lurking from within
a savage mind surging acting like machine

A melting catastrophe roams with broken teeth
staggered and confused left with no room to breath
crawling like disease mutation will not cease
loathing in self defeat waiting for eternal sleep
take a step and lift the intense density
weighing down at the core - ancient infected soul
losing control!?!... a struggle to self hold....
a vision now torn as the truth becomes scorn
lost in seamless flight with no knowledge of our lives
civilization denied because wisdom was defied
answers are contained, but hidden and portrayed
by the broken bones arranged in the cosmic sea of flames

Broken bones arranged in the cosmic sea of flames

Eternal flotation collapsed sunken mind expands
sinking blind on forgotten land i'm crashing onto sand
with heavy ruptured glands left hanging by a strand
my vision is jammed and my body, disband
severed heads spill the truth atomic force shearing through
the broken pillars of the sun watching death bloom....
fallen tombs infiltrate skies that gloom penetrating doom
consumes existing rotten to the womb, exhumed...
blood spills of your neck and the maggots spread
gravity, matter intersect; operating, vivisect!
shackled down fused flesh; a putrid, rotting stench
parasite possessed, ripping holes through your chest

Everlasting emptiness of ancient memories
soaring across the intensity filled with dark energy
throughout the fallen centuries, a catastrophic melody
drifting soullessly, into the winds of eternity........

Into the winds of eternity........