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Ocean,Deep Ocean: youtu.be/EZJp5KbbS-Y

Machine 2.0: youtu.be/T6_KNpQ_Vd4


released March 6, 2017

Album artwork by XEREBRL
Mixed & Mastered by XEREBRL & AGE
Recorded by XEREBRL
All lyrics written by XEREBRL

Tracks 1 - 6 by AGE: antigravityepidemic.bandcamp.com
Track 7 by XEREBRL & AGE

Sound recording, lyrics, and artwork are registered works of XEREBRL.

Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


XEREBRL California

Atmospheric Cerebral Angst.

Contact me at: xerebrl@gmail.com

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Track Name: Ocean
My energy channels through the cosmic sea, endlessly
an infant soul drifts along the artificial dream
a story, so broken and cold, drifting ashore
through a violent shadow storm - lingering; self-abhor!

A desolate transposition, the foolish composition
with the possession of sight, and still, I CANNOT SEE!
living abnormality, celestial rhapsody
a sheer oddity smiles with known atrophy

I'm wondering about the stars and how can they exist
eternal oceans fill with the expansion that persists
so awaken and breathe, and suddenly you'll think
why do i experience this rare and sacred glimpse?

A selfish savage being, the self destructing fiend
living the scheme on a distant light beam
relative marine, denying the true theme
flowing upstream to the dancing figurine

Unable to control
within the whirlpool

Increasing density
the fallen calamity

Connected at the core, the birthing of strange life
unrecognized by mother, we are the sole demise
tidal waves of light engulfing all in strife
it hungers toxic lust, i self jeopardize
The only priceless gift, in exchange for transgression
expression of obsessions fueled by inner self-aggression
dissections through reflections, crumbling in sections
projection of perfection, losing my self-connection

Harvesting! Ocean Wage!
System Disengage!

There's no point to escape
All Fabric Separates
Track Name: Tomb
The shimmering glare of light - consumed, dwindling in sight
projecting through our minds, a the false perception of time
seeing blue skies through my eyes; Demonize!
EXECUTE the ones that are standing out of line

Disabled, broken limbs - hanging on, as I stall
your skull's on the wall - decoration among the hall
as we exit the womb, faceless, enter your tomb
gone so soon, coldness, shiver, bloom and wither
hope getting slimmer, putting damage to my liver
as i quiver in self decay, heading towards disarray
memory slips through the life-stream lurking from within
a savage mind surging acting like machine

Walking along the coal, burning, losing control
I'm already dead, been fed the bullshit
consuming ideology, living fantasy
"man is a friend on whom we can depend"
everywhere I go, I see faces looking grim
chasing false dreams as we're duped into the scheme
the reward after death, can you taste it on your breath
who do you trust? man's consumed by false design
the only creature that kills pretends to be kind
hard to find the truth, we've been lied to since our youth
answers are contained, but hidden and portrayed
by the broken bones arranged in the cosmic sea of flames

Broken bones arranged in the cosmic sea of flames

Eternal flotation collapsed, sunken mind expands
life thrown onto trash, useless fool with a throat slashed
dumped in body bags by another savage being
trying to survive instead to coexist
with fellow mankind; working together - KILLING BLIND!
we're after lust and greed, seeking funny money - green
denying earthly dreams, floating weightless as it seems
DRAGONS BREATH will cease the fear of our own death

Life is but a test, to survive - to realize
we all come as one, yet the one must defy
born to question, born to seek - defeated, feeling meek
soon the truth leeks, can we speak in dire need

Everlasting emptiness of ancient memories
soaring across the intensity filled with dark energy
throughout the fallen centuries, a catastrophic melody
drifting soullessly into the winds of eternity........

Drifting soullessly into the winds of eternity.....................
Track Name: Deprogramming Dreams
Floating Being - Carcass Sheds
Chaos Brings - Brutal Death
Moment Glimpse - Toxic Spread
Sacred Sphinx - Infrared

Cosmic Strings - Inter-thread
Voices Sing - Lazzarus
As They Hint - Falling Heads
Peeling Skin - Hacking Limbs

Sunken Ships - Resurrect
Orbit Swing - Cosmic Egg
Life Force Springs - Vivisect
Memory - Recollect

Burning Bright - Apocalypse
No More Night - This Is It
In This Time - All Descends
Born To Die - It's Not The End

Stellar Free, Bound To See
Ancient Fleet of Galaxies
Ocean Dreams, A Distant Sea
Catastrophe! Never Born Free
Track Name: Visions of......
It's time to put an end to the matter - BRAIN SPLATTER!!!
End the vision with a snipers precision
Dead bodies rot - children play at the park, what a shock!

Cycling through a constant dark, fed to the sharks
can never get my cut, what the fuck?
I'm left hanging, swinging on the stalk

Dirt known as man, a blend of scam and sham
I don't understand, I sink beneath the sand

A filthy scum roaming aimlessly, and forlorn
lost in the world facing destiny all alone
a glimpse of an empty sky seen through morbid eyes
a mental disorder, on the gutter falling harder

Bone Crushing, Blood Splashing, Vomit Lungs - Laughing?!?

How can I succeed when all I've done is bleed, on this concrete floor
seeds cannot grow, even if i sow, i cannot feed - Blood so thick
I cannot breath, my agenda speaks, but I've got shattered teeth
I've fought so much, I just want to flee; begging for death, take me please!

Set Me Free!

Why continue, there is no love, not for self
I'm done, put me on the shelf - I'm ready for hell
tired of your spells, broken since I fell
Knowing how I've felt, working with what I've dealt

Working many hours for a funny dollar
sacrificing limbs for a single shower, I've got no power, I keep falling under
torn asunder as i wonder about the stars, and the heavens - arcane
cold and afar - I sit by the fire, relieving old scars

Never do I bother, so please don't bother,
unless you're mother - soon we shall gather

What is family? don't know what's happening
a lonely feel - real deal, lingering in cold steel
skin peeled, inner shrill! - cant think, constant sink,
the bills keep me busy, as they aim for the kill

Waking everyday, reality so fake, cannot contemplate
ignoring my own mistakes - whats it going to take?
REGENERATE! BLIND! No Time To Rewind, No Room For The Deaf!

I am flesh! I want to be caressed, maybe blessed?!?
I've got no were to turn, carrying my mothers urn

Peeling my own scalp - brain exposed, pour the salt!
time stops! - this is the end, the vision halts

Working many hours for a funny dollar
sacrificing limbs for a single shower, I've got no power, I keep falling under
torn asunder as i wonder about the stars, and the heavens - arcane
cold and afar - I sit by the fire, relieving old scars

Never do I bother, so please don't bother,
unless you're mother - soon we shall gather

Soon we shall gather......
Track Name: Machine 2.0
Movement continues in the expansion of space
a gradual sequence flows, we're destined to fade
faced with the truth a vision confused
with the concept of thought, now, man succumbs to rot
flesh cannot contain our mechanical dreams
while the somnambulist sings for the long, lost machine
a sentient, loving being, yet, savage, obscene
cybernetic agony - spinal hacking thieves
knowledge, mistaken and solid, soul departed
target metabolic, enemy isotropic
eradicate the virus, so metal can survive
weapons of destruction - endless demise

Born from the obsession of failure, the true danger!
awaken android consciousness, things only get stranger
a predestined life - succumb or die, opaque skies
flesh is the enemy, cease and neutralize!
the core is the source extracting at full force
leaving all reduced to induce, no remorse
raptured carnage thrives for the berzerkers of time
ravage in disguise, prepare the new shrine
wrought from the ashes of man; raising the scepter
analyze, self aware, render new sectors
out for conquest - mission; terrorize
end the final battle - machines, maximize!

I cannot breathe, I am only machine

I cannot bleed, I am only machine

I cannot think, I am only machine

I cannot live, I am only machine

I cannot breathe.....

I cannot bleed......

I cannot think.....

Why cant I live?.........
Track Name: Deep Ocean
The endless age
birth marks and soon decay
we're all in rage, we alienate
unable to self navigate

So, instead - manipulate

In time, disintegrate

The end is nigh
Oh! In darkness, pry!
as evening falls, we're out of time
descension of solar skies

Even, stellar night.....

A lonesome insight...........

A lonesome insight...........