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Rough, Rugged, and Raw

Video for "Shadowed Density":


released 12 December 2013


Album artwork by XEREBRL
Tracks 1, 3, 5, & 6 by XEREBRL
Tracks 2 & 4 by AGE; antigravityepidemic.bandcamp.com
Tracks 7 & 8 by XEREBRL & AGE
Mixed, Mastered, Recorded and Edited by XEREBRL
All Lyrics Written by XEREBRL

Sound recording, lyrics, and artwork are registered works of XEREBRL

Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: All That Remains (Blood and Iron)
All That Remains(Blood and Iron):

All that remains is the rotting stench of man
and its fatal consequence that they self apprehend
an ignition that follows the extinction of man
none want to understand time slips through your hands
you're nothing but a fool, used only as a tool
with a mouth sewn shut your thoughts are overruled,
as humanity expires wrapped in barbed wire
inverted on the cross now you're ending in fire.....
Lanterns of the sea, burnt out and free,
no eyes to see, Forgotten, together we bleed out our misery...
manufactured creatures with brain staggering features
rotate through cycles of mutation......
rapid growth of evaporation all held in concentration
in dense pigmentation inside.....
where the visions confuse watch the body protrude
as the maggots consume is it all understood?

Is it all understood?........

Torn trachea, blood spilling, underground sound,
life is flesh on bone convulsing above the ground
surgical procedures dissect to behold
a mind that consumes, growing, infected like mold
watching mutilation unfold your soul is sold,
our existence corrodes, spreading whole like disease
the parasitic worm devours flesh in disbelief
starring blind at the face of a televised screen
Extraction of your brain causes skulls to deflate,
now feel the earth shake and your spinal cord brake!
penetrate opaque deployed across the state,
now a shattered fate creates, war initiates.
magnify the sky and watch space liquefy
with knowledge that apply's removal of your eyes
a wondering constellation lost in transition
a legion of suffocation........ Time Infiltration!
Track Name: Destitute

Flesh wrapped, skull bound, ancient modern grounds
we're never to be found in the empty space that surrounds
an ancient star lost in the abyss, floating on a never ending drift
while experiencing a gift in the swift moment of time ......

With no answers to find existence left behind
by memories combined the cosmos are divine......

A lost forgotten place now that memories have been erased
tortured bodies encased, forever engulfed in a blaze.

The seconds of thought are aeons in time,
where the formation of voids and filaments are designed,
slowly drifting away into the emptiness of space......
A forever stretch..... leaving no trace of this strange exotic place,
as existence scatters and particles shatter,
Infecting all matter.......
Track Name: Escape
Track Name: Mankind The Disease
Mankind The Disease:

Spreading unknown, mentality conformed
an infectious storm devouring whole
consuming is the goal...

Too smart for the truth that they hold within
it's all an ancient scheme, pretending to live,
acting out a false dream.....
watching what insanity brings
Mankind's a disease, a selfish satisfaction to please
it'll never cease until they meet self defeat.

Watching blood spill on the streets.....

Creating an ocean of sorrow, afraid of losing tomorrow
a selfish lie of pretend make believe, the truth is denied
a book of lies is supplied to conquer your mind......

A self made prison confined within your skull
A self made prison designed for control

For the false hope of saving your soul.....

Track Name: Shadowed Density
Shadowed Density:

Broken Like Bone......

Heavy Like Stone......
Track Name: Barrier

Manipulation of imagery, enhancement of cosmic energy
from within, connected to the life stream via dreams
as it glows in the dark, sudden sparks depart
for the transport of toxic comfort engulfing everything within....

All striped of their skin as toxic wisdom prevails once inhaled
humanity is forever trapped and impaled
mental isolation no human association
inhale the toxic clouds and head straight to the creation

Inhale the toxic clouds and head straight to the creation......

Infiltrate! Hidden dimensions, simulate the brain transmission
deep incision, deep precision,
mind connecting, realm dissection
storms ignite, end is nigh, third eye sees through disease

Wisdom reeks but knowledge seeps

Wisdom reeks but knowledge seeps

Silence speaks a truth to seek ......

Energy combined from mental and spine......
Track Name: Xenos of Macrocosm
Xenos of Macrocosm:

Raging emerald waves in the darkness of space
tumbling walls of stone, destruction is a phase....
emptiness...... a diseased rotting cage
never to escape, facing flesh rot, decay

Walking blind on pillars arching unkind
knowledge not simple to find; hidden....confined
stolen from my mind as mankind declines
by the solar wind watching as silence fill the seem
reflecting of your soul, an interactive dream
suspended by a light beam to reveal what you've seen
memory slips through the life stream, lurking from within
a savage mind surging acting like machine

A melting catastrophe roams with broken teeth
staggered and confused left with no room to breath
crawling like disease, mutation will not cease
loathing in self defeat, waiting for eternal sleep

Take a step and lift the intense density
weighing down at the core.... ancient infected soul
losing control... a struggle to self hold,
a vision now torn as the truth becomes scorn
lost in seamless flight with no knowledge of our lives
civilization denied because wisdom was defied
answers are contained, but hidden and portrayed
by the broken bones arranged in the cosmic sea of flames

Broken bones arranged in the cosmic sea of flames......

Eternal flotation collapsed, sunken mind expands
sinking blind on forgotten land, i'm crashing onto sand
with heavy ruptured glands left hanging by a strand
my vision is jammed and my body, disband......

Severed heads spill the truth, atomic force shearing through
the broken pillars of the sun watching death bloom....
fallen tombs infiltrate skies that gloom, penetrating doom
consumes, existing rotten to the womb, exhumed...
blood spills of your neck and the maggots spread
gravity, matter intersect, operating - vivisect
shackled down fused flesh, a putrid, rotting stench
parasite possessed. ripping holes through your chest

Everlasting emptiness of ancient memories
soaring across the intensity of dark energy
throughout the fallen centuries, a catastrophic melody
drifting soullessly into the winds of eternity........

Into the winds of eternity........