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DARKMATTER: A hypothetical kind of matter that cannot be seen with telescopes but accounts for most of the matter in the universe. The existence and properties of DARKMATTER are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the universe. It's exact nature is not well understood, making it one of the greatest mysteries in modern astrophysics...


Alpha Dismay youtu.be/esTDrWrKlzg

Shadowed Density youtu.be/QoH-1uMDEJk


released 22 October 2014


Track 1 by XEREBRL, AGE, & AUSK; ayoueskay.bandcamp.com
Tracks 2, 5, & 6 by XEREBRL
Tracks 3 & 4 by AGE; antigravityepidemic.bandcamp.com

Album artwork by XEREBRL
Mixed, Mastered, and Recorded by XEREBRL
All Lyrics Written by XEREBRL

Sound recording, lyrics, and artwork are registered works of XEREBRL.

Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


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XEREBRL California

I create what comes to mind.

Contact me at: xerebrl@gmail.com

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Track Name: Alpha Dismay
A mystic fragment of dreams scattered like shattered limbs
unseen, a floating iron fleet crawling within your skin
splintered wooden fingertips.... aching body, sleep.......
standing on transparent edges exceeding obsolete

Tearing asunder - body crushing with stone, alone
sunken to the core: DISASTER! radiation soars
crumbling in disguise, information classified
heading for demise, erupting volcanic tide

Sunken ships resurrect hidden lazarette
watching life force spring through vision infrared
bent on endless quests across the continent,
fragments seeking architect speaking alien dialect.....

We're condemned to transcend against the feeling of contempt....

Enemies charred alive, an endless enterprise
filled with blood red darkened skies - its the end of life
battlefield cries under ancient rural skies
solar rays magnify and our existence liquefies

Beyond the unconscious state life flows through a gradual stage
evolving - manifesting as illusions are portrayed
longing for a voyage to the stars, uncontained
body and mind separate - resting, untamed...

Caught and derailed .......mentally insane

Locked in a cage ..........expansion decays

Forgotten ways - struck with such blessings, Arcane....
Track Name: Movement
Track Name: Slurs
Struck by light..............reduced to ash....
a battlefield skin graft.....body skinned and hacked!
a stars lonesome dance across the empty skies
the fury of the ages...we already died

Nailed to the cross as i witness hope exhaust
and i wear my crown of thorns in my fortress of frost
carnage born inside stellar winds, flesh is torn!
watching maggots swarm around the faceless cruciform

My thoughts are a slur.........
cannot speak in uniform
my body is old
and my voice corrodes.....

winds erode....
suppression overload...

Reflections of a lost forgotten past, ever last
collapsing under one breath, let me hear your laugh
pulsating gamma blast - searing, blinding flash
my thoughts wrapped around vast emptiness surpassed

A dismantled dream in regress, also know as flesh
sunken deep in stress, the ocean eliminates the threat
while burning onto bed...... i'm caught in a web
stabbing onto life with a rusty bayonet

You're already dead!
Track Name: Remnants
A world broken down....chaos in motion
fantasy collapsing through self-distortion
lonesome commotion, do you hear that explosion?
seeping through your heart, expressing emotion

Civilized living lie rattle with demise
words of the wise, i'm missing those who've died
the rage of a titan unmatched for its size
seeking the truth ... i remain alive

I'm savage and weak ...roaming lonely streets
hear me speak.....i just want to sleep
memories to keep......please..don't hear me weep
i cry...i see the truth....its time press delete

A legacy abused with numbers in few
none want to see my single point of view
i wear empty shoes to give you a clue
i'm yelling in dispute, i leave in my pursuit

Life still exist ....we're all the same
we're all insane...unable to abstain
spilling energy into unknown terrain
i just want to claim what seems to be humane

I realize.... my body is owned

I realize.... my life is owned

I realize.... existence is owned

but my thoughts ....will never be owned

never be owned.......
Track Name: Empty Space
9 x ??? = 9
Track Name: Shadowed Density
Broken Like Bone.........

Heavy Like Stone.........